Kerta Gosa

 Kerta Gosa

Kerta Gosa is a very unique tourist destination in Bali. This place has a very strong history about the meaning of “Karma Phala” in Bali or often called “Law of Karma”. This place is also a meeting place of Kings in Bali to discuss about community life, religious celebrations and also royal rules from Kingdom. It has a unique building. Ceiling of a building called Taman Gili and Bale Kambang has a classic painting from Kamasan village. One of the ceilings tells about “Atman Presangsa” which describes about punishment also sufferings of the spirits in the afterlife. This is written down in Bima Sena book, is about The Law of Karma.

The place here is a heritage building from Klungkung Kingdom. Across from Kerta Gosa, there is a monument to the struggle of the Kingdom of Klungkung known as Puputan Klungkung Monument. This place also became a symbol of the Klungkung people’s resistance over the Dutch colonial in 1908

No one knows for sure who built this. But, according to “Candra Sengkala”(is a way of writing the year by using pictures of animals or plants which represent certain figures) that carved on Pemedal Agung(main door palace), it was said that had been inexistence in the year Caka 1622 or around the year 1700 AD, when Klungkung was governed by Dewa Agung Jambe. When the Ducth came in 1908, this place change the function. The old function was for meeting and also talking about life and society of the village to become the place for people getting punished for what they have done.

How to get to Kerta Gosa

Kerta Gosa is located at center of Klungkung town, Klungkung regency. If you depart from Ngurah Rai airport directly, it will take approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes, with the distance about 44 kilometers

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